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Hi all, I am a Novocastrian by birth (born in Newcastle, NSW) but 'retired' to the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW in 2010.

Our back gate opens onto the path that leads to this beach, about mid-screen, so this is my back yard, not too shabby, eh? ;-)

Before retiring, I ran small online businesses, starting from 1985 when I created a business called NOVO Computer Hardware which sold computer hardware (funnily enough) and software, entirely online. Yes, that was before the Internet and World Wide Web was invented, back then we used to use a system called Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) to contact one another. Within five years, the business was regularly turning over $1,000 plus per day, with no traditional marketing or advertising.

To this day I have never spent a cent on traditional marketing, and very little on digital marketing, so I have got a good handle on how to market your small business online with little to no budget.

In 2012 I was persuaded to come out of retirement and set up with the mission to reverse the current dreadful statistics for startup businesses in Australia, and we intend to help 1000 startups succeed in the next twelve years.

At Port Macquarie Online Marketing, we show startups and small business owners how to double their current number of leads, sales and profits in half the time they are currently spending working in their business. The first step in this process is to set up a smart, professional business website which makes you money, rather than costing you money.

Then we show you how to market your business online the smart way, using automation and systemisation instead of your time. If that sounds like it might be what you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we can tell you whether or not we would be a great fit for one another.

Or if you just want an answer to a specific question about online marketing, or marketing in general, you can fill in our form at no obligation.

If you are on social media, we can be reached at:

n.b. As our way of giving back to the community that welcomed me ten years ago, we are offering all financial MBF members up to 60 minutes of obligation-free advice for your business marketing. This can be any topic relevant to your business marketing, and can be taken as 1 x 60 mins, 2 x 30 mins, or 4 x 15 mins sessions, whichever suits you best.


Terry Chadban

Terry Chadban

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