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Hello, I'm Caroline Hong, Health, Wellness & Beauty

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PO Box. 2683, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444, Australia

PO Box A368, Sydney South, NSW 1235, Australia

About Caroline Hong

I'm Dr. Caroline Hong in the business of Health, Wellness and Beauty. I'm an Independent Brand Partner and Business Consultant.

"Passionate about being the difference to make a difference" - Dr Caroline Hong

Make a decision to add quality to your years.

Read on, then decide.

Then please contact Caroline for any of these reasons:

  1. I want a coffee chat to know more.

  2. I want to be a consumer first, then decide further.

  3. I already have my business, but I am open to learn how I can add another income stream, without giving up my day job or current business activity.

  4. I want to join the start-ups in a quality global business with quality products, good support systems, low start up costs, great leadership and proven success in the global company.

  5. I am interested in my own health, wellness and wellbeing, and want to add quality wellness to my life.

  6. I am interested to join the global company mission to bless a million lives through the products, opportunity and Hearts and Hands for Humanity project.

Business from Home

In addition to my extensive business, healthcare, and consulting career, I opened my mind to something new and exciting. I joined a growing global community, of “business from home” (BFH) community, all with a common interest in health, wellness, and beauty. It’s a micro business, with a global ‘East meet West’ brand, something I can do easily, without giving up my existing portfolio roles.

Introducing Vasayo

I chose this global company because of its 5 star opportunity

  • Leadership

  • Disruptive products backed by science

  • The right timing

  • Generous rewards

  • Contribution to a humanitarian cause.

I discovered that this 5 star opportunity benefits more people, by raising the awareness of the products, with the liposomal advanced delivery technology and smart enzymes technology advantage.

We have experienced life abundant and you can too. Join me as an independent brand partner, start your own side gig, like me and thousands of people in 12 countries, add this to your life journey. Registration is free if you live in Australia, and I will guide you at no fee, to help you kickstart your ‘business from home’ journey.

Registration is easy and you can request for me to be your enroller on the link below.

You can

  • Start immediately – in one day

  • Order products for personal and family wellness

  • Gain product knowledge

  • And more

Let’s make a difference together

This short video walks you through a successful couple’s life abundant story. And explains their why. Take a look.

‘Our goal before we leave this earth is to bless a Million lives physically through the products. Bless a Million lives financially through the opportunity and finally, to bless a Million kids in Africa with pure water.’ – words of the Founders and thousands of brand partners now growing in 12 countries.

This is a business from home opportunity, and my service to you is that you don’t have to give up whatever you are doing in your existing job. We show people how to supplement their main source of income with an online micro business which can be done successfully part time. We can have your account set up in a day, with a relatively small investment, armed with a mindset of abundance, to reach your maximum potential.

This article on where East meets West, tells the story of Vasayo’s humble beginning.

Training with Vasayo

There are no short cuts but all you need is to be teachable, and make a small investment in the products, and a willingness to learn. Ongoing training and learning is provided online at your own pace, by the global company and support groups at no additional fee. I’m here to help and navigate you through the process and beyond.

What are liposomes?

Training will then enable you to life abundant.

More About Me

I’m a Non-Executive Director, Healthy North Coast Ltd - an Australian government primary health network initiative. On the Board of Trustee, St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation, supporting medical and healthcare research. Ambassador for Vinnies CEO Sleepout (NSW) – supporting homeless services. Advisory Board, Ethnic Business Awards Foundation – recognising Indigenous and migrant business success.

I am also a company director of various Australian start-up private & public companies.

For business consulting visit

My Education Background

Dr Caroline Hong FAICD. BDS (Uni Adel). GDHA (Uni SA). MHA (Uni NSW). FSAE. FADI. AFCHSM. FAICD

I’ve been a practising Dentist for over 30 years and I have enjoyed an extensive career working in the dental, medical, healthcare, associations, community, government and private sectors in Australia. I have a current and ongoing Australian registration, as a retired non practising dentist.

I am proud to display my postnominals as a reminder of my gratitude to this country for all the opportunities, to study, work and to earn every single letter after my name. I am not defined by those postnominals but they hold special meanings in my life journey for my family, friends and colleagues who know my story. They have helped me navigate challenges, and inspire others, including women, migrants, international students, and young mums.

VASAYO Products

All the products except for CBD One (oil and cream) are available for Australian orders. Please contact us to first enroll you and then to guide you for your first order of products, for optimum value.

Read this article on where East meets West.

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