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Dale Symons, Author

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Dale Symons, Author

Dale resettled on the Mid North Coast of NSW as a small business owner after several different careers as a teacher/librarian, office manager, and Community Arts Officer in various parts of NSW.


Dale's storytelling journey began when her grandchildren were young. She would craft imaginative tales for them, eventually penning a story about a mythical dragon for them (see below).

Aside from her writing, Dale has other talents. In the pipeline is an online course for her Conscious Creative Living program, which she conducted at her retreat for four years. The online version of her course is Create Intuitively. It presents Dale’s focused meditations, which support the listener in shifting their consciousness so that they can activate their natural creative nature uninhibited by limiting beliefs. The online course also has downloadable course notes and a workbook.


Dale has also written an adult book under her pen name based on her own life experiences. If you are interested, please contact her for details.


Snaur, the Magical Dragon Trilogy suitable for children 6-16 years

  • SNAUR, A Mystical, Magical Adventure

is a fantasy story for young children and young-at-heart readers. The story revolves around a typical Australian family. One day, ten-year-old Zac and his dog, Ned, discover something extraordinary in a cave near their home: a magical creature, a dragon named SNAUR, who takes them on many extraordinary adventures

  • SNAUR, A Planet of Mysteries

continues the adventures of Snaur, The Magical Dragon. Snaur uses one of his extraordinary talents to take his Australian family to his planet, Dragonia, where Zac and his younger brother, Josh, train to be elite dragon warriors.

  • SNAUR, Saving Two Worlds

Snaur and his Australian mates must defeat the rogue dragons, known as the Grey Ones, who are hell-bent on controlling Earth and Snaur’s planet, Dragonia. Near Zac’s home are caves that have unique properties hidden in them that will ensure the Grey Ones’ success.

Contact details

m/ 0402 006 287


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