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Hello, I'm Katrina (Nina) Linder, Fare Thee Well supporting those seeking a Good End of Life.

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About Nina Linder

Nina Linder is one special person who offers support to those seeking a Good End of Life.

Nina Linder of Fare Thee Well cares about the wishes of the person who is dying and she provides support for a ‘good death’ at home (wherever possible). She also provides support, counselling and ceremonial services at family vigils.

Nina is a degree qualified Nurse with a passion for end of life care. She works with you and your loved ones so the process can be a more meaningful and peaceful experience for everyone.

As a certified Counsellor, she guides you and your family during the difficult time of terminal illness or sudden death. Nina has had a long career in nursing (palliative care) and family services and she has been a registered Counsellor since 2019. Right now she is finishing her Masters of Counselling.

“As a qualified nurse and registered Counsellor, I see the dying and their families having a difficult time dealing with terminal illness or sudden death. They become concerned about preparing for medical events. When you really think about death, would you be oppressed by the fear of death? I was and that’s why I decided to set up Fare Thee Well to help one navigate through End of Life Care and Meaningful Transition after Death; to help families and loved ones through the grieving process. Death then becomes a personal and spiritual event.”, says Nina.

Nina's gentle support and guidance help one's end of life to be a time of deep meaning and resolution for you and your loved ones. She guides and supports one through the grieving process and provides options if people prefer to die at home.

Nina has a very full life she beautifully celebrates and she has many interests from busily establishing a native plant edible garden at her home in Port Macquarie to Salsa dancing and attending Toastmasters ( a supported environment to practice public speaking.)

End of Life Support

Planning ahead and making End of Life Decisions can help us overcome the fear, stigma and anxiety of contemplating death.

Death can lose its sting when we accept it as a natural, transitory part of life.

An Advance Planning Directive is a helpful tool to consider important medical decisions that will need to be made. These decisions are best made early on as they reduce the burden and pressure on your loved ones to decide for you when you are no longer able to.

There are other helpful tools on their website as well. Please contact Nina to talk more about having an Advanced Care Directive or download this eBook "What Matters in Life"

If you are thinking about setting up a will with a legal professional, or notice how your abilities are reducing in your body and mind, it is time to have an end-of-life conversation with Nina. Do it with your loved ones so you have each other's support. You do not have to do this alone. Talk about options on how you wish to die and your plans for your death.

Other resources: Here’s another booklet that will guide you through decisions when considering an Advance Care Directive and call Nina on 0404 821 779 to discuss them.

Fare Thee Well Services

Nina of Fare Thee Well offers her services for you, your family and loved ones in the comfort of your own home in the Port Macquarie/Hastings district and also can provide online Counselling services to those living further afield.

Believing that each person and family is unique, Nina’s supports and services also need to be structured differently to suit the individual. She offers an obligation-free 30-minute consultation in your home to discuss your options about the end of life care desired by either you or your loved one. Nina can show you options and help you to make choices based on what is best suited to you.

A home death and vigil can be a time of deep meaning, Nina can assist with the process of grief for your loved ones. Counselling services for individual, couple or family groups are invaluable support offered by Fare Thee Well.

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