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Paul Zalitis, Aussie Wrapper

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Hello I'm Paul Zalitis. Many know me as ‘The Aussie Wrapper’ and what I’ve been doing is helping people create positive cash flow through Property Vendor Financing.

As a Vendor Financer, you become a bank helping people achieve their dreams of owning property and building their finances.

I created a system to do exactly that - wrap properties. As a property investor for more than 20 years, I really wanted more people to experience a more hopeful perspective of this industry.

I did in-depth research to find out what the market was doing, invested a lot of money, educated myself, read a lot of books and I started doing some figures.

What I’ve done is to bring together all my experience, skills and knowledge to create essentially a great positive cash flow property investment strategy specifically tailored for the Australian market. And it’s all summarised here in this eBook “Positive Cash Flow Property Investment Secrets”, which will spark some motivation in you to experience property wrapping with success for yourself.

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Have Coffee With Paul Zalitis the Aussie Wrapper

t/ 0427 123 105

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