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10 March 2020

The MBF's code of conduct and ethics was updated on 10 March 2020. A copy can be downloaded here.

The Micro Business Forum (MBF) is a not-for-profit business network providing education, support, and networking opportunities to start-ups and established micro business owners and their staff.

Standards of behaviour are outlined in this document and MBF’s 2017 Constitution.

The Code of Conduct and Ethics (CCE) are agreed standards that indicate the manner in which members and visitors to MBF are to conduct themselves in relation to others, and the general community. This code guides members, visitors and the Management Committee on how to uphold the integrity and good name of MBF within the business and general community. The CCE does not replace any provision of any Act or Regulation (State or Federal). 

On application for membership, members sign that they agree to and abide by the CCE. Visitors and guests of MBF are also expected to abide by the CCE when attending the activities of MBF including forums, meetings, and other events or functions. 



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