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The Micro Business Forum Committee is dedicated to supporting small businesses with less than five employees. As an MBF Member you may have questions, concerns or ideas that you want to ask or share with us, especially now with the pandemic going rampant. Our team of experts and mentors are ready to help.


They can also refer you to other experts if the need arises. So book a complimentary chat with us.

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Our experts and mentors

Veronica Lind, Vermilion Pinstripes Marketing Agency in Port Macquarie

Veronica's strength is in business and marketing strategies. Talk to her about any aspects of online marketing to help you grow.


Alison is familiar about how markets work. So if you want to understand how to sell your products despite lockdowns, check with Alison.

Barbara Smith, Roving Trainer, MBF Presi

Barb is great with technology and knows her way around the business community. So if you need help in the IT space or want to be connected to someone else, she will help make that introduction.

Sophie Kubowicz.png

Sophie is a firecracker and will get things done. If you want to understand how you can leverage tools to help your business run better, then talk to Sophie.

Glenda Hamilton

Glenda's strength is keeping things in order. She can help you be more productive and organised. Glenda also knows a thing or two about grants and how you can obtain these resources to help your business.

Chrissy Jones, MBF Membership Secretary.heic

Chrissy is a JP and she is very well connected with the business communities in Port Macquarie and Wauchope. So if you need any documents certified or reach out to new businesses, get in touch with Chrissy.

Wendy Hee, Qi & Tonic Accupuncture, MBF

Not sure about how you can operate your business in a COVID safe manner? Wendy can provide the guidance. We recommend businesses in the health sector to connect with her.

John Clarke, Success Tax Professionals Port Macquarie.png

John can help you with finance and tax. Talk to him about cash flow, and grants so you can put your business in order.

Vicki Carnes.jpg

Vicki can help you look your best which is very important to personal branding. If you need a mental boost, she wil be the best person to talk to.

Lyn Richardson.jpg

Lyn is a respectable long time business owner, so if you are an existing business owner and wish to discuss ideas about growth, Lyn is open to listening to them.

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