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If you renew your MBF Membership before 31st December, you will pay the current membership fee of $60. As from January 2023, Membership Fees will be $70.

Click on "Renew Now" button or image below to get started.

See Instructions below, if needed

Renew your MBF Membership before 31st December 2022.png


1. Click on "Renew Now" red button or image or use this link

2. You will be redirected to to login to your PayPal account. You may need to verify your account as security.

3. Click on "Send".

4. Type amount $60.00

5. Click on "+ What's this payment for?" and type "MBF Membership Renewal for <name>

6. Click on blue button "Continue"

7. Choose how you want to pay e.g. with your credit card.

8. Click on blue button "Send Money Now"

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