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2024 Events

Grow with us.

As a small business owner, you've got to learn many things in order to be on top of your game. The best way is to learn from others. Students are most welcome!

Come to our Micro Business Forum events to work on your business:


  • learn from the best coaches at MBF Meetings

  • connect with other businesses to engage and grow

  • participate in deeper learning to succeed

Changes expected throughout the year. Please keep checking back for updates.

Micro Business Forum Small Business Netw

Every third Wednesday of the month starting February from 5.30pm. Mark your calendars.

MBF Meetings

An evening of friendly, fun networking and learning from the best coaches working on your business and interacting with others.

2024 Events

21 Feb - What can businesses expect from the year of the Dragon?

20 Mar - Midlife Metamorphosis: Embracing Change and Reinventing Your Career Journey with speaker Francessca O’Donnell

17 Apr - Speed Networking

15 May - Get ready for tax

19 Jun - 10 sales techniques you should know in 2024

17 Jul - IT Skills and the Human Touch

21 Aug - Budget friendly marketing

18 Sep - Why self care leads to business success?

16 Oct - Business Collaboration Benefits

20 Nov - Selling the value of your work

Barbara Smith.png

Host Babara Smith

MBF coffee connect 9 July 2020.jpg

2nd Thursday of every month 10 am at various cafes. Mark your calendars.

Coffee Connects

A business social date to get to know MBF and other business owners better.

2024 Coffee Connects

11 Jan 2024 - Waterman's Cafe Wauchope

8 Feb 2024 - Bonny Hills Cafe

14 Mar 2024 - Sea Salt

11 Apr 2024 - Cassegrain

9 May 2024

13 Jun 2024

11 Jul 2024

8 Aug 2024

12 Sep 2024

10 Oct 2024

14 Nov 2024

12 Dec 2024

Lyn Richardson.jpg

Host Lyn Richardson

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