2021 Events

Grow with us.

As a small business owner, you've got to learn many things in order to be on top of your game.

The best way is to learn from others.

Come to our Micro Business Forum events to work on your business:


  • learn from the best coaches at MBF Meetings

  • connect with other businesses at our Coffee Connect to engage and grow

  • participate in deeper learning to succeed

Changes expected throughout the year. Please keep checking back for updates.

Micro Business Forum Small Business Netw

First Friday of every other month

8.45 am to 12 nn

MBF Meetings

A day of friendly, fun learning from the best coaches working on your business and interacting with others.

5 Feb - Keynote: Chasing your dreams. What you need to make it real. Interactive: Your one pager marketing plan.

9 Apr - Keynote: Art of Selling. Interactive: Digital Body Language and Best Email Campaigns.

4 Jun - Keynote: Smart Tax. Interactive: How to tell your brand story.

6 Aug - Keynote: Public Speaking. Speech is Power. Interactive: Marketing

8 Oct - Keynote: The Dreadful Procrastinator. Interactive: LinkedIn.

3 Dec - Christmas Celebrations.


Host Vicki Carnes

2nd Thursday of every month

10 am

Coffee Connects

A business social date to get to know other business owners better.

14 Jan - Ricardos

11 Feb - Brew Haven

11 Mar - Round & Round Roto House

15 Apr - The Hill Cafe, Thrumster

13 May - Rivermark

10 Jun - Round & Round Roto House

8 Jul - Brooklyns Burger Bar

12 Aug - Bardi's Cafe Timbertown

9 Sep - Little Fish

14 Oct - Pipeworks

11 Nov - Fat Fish


Host Vicki Carnes

3rd Wednesday of every other month

6 pm to 8 pm

Deeper Learning

Open to MBF Members only where they deep dive into subjects that matter to businesses in order to grow.

17 Mar - How to build your own WIX website.

19 May - How to do online accounting, track cashflow, sales and profit.

21 Jul - How to do a great video intro.

15 Sep - Fitness and your business.

17 Nov - How to use MailChimp for better emails.

Veronica Lind, Vermilion Pinstripes Mark

Host Veronica Lind