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Alison Carroll, AC Healthy Solutions

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Hello, I'm Alison Carroll. I'm often referred to as the Turmeric Lady but now my business AC Healthy Solutions includes Hemp, Tea and Supplements.

Let's Live in a World of Wellness

I'm a health nut and a strong believer of natural healthy solutions such as turmeric, a medically proven excellent natural anti-inflammatory that works on your whole body.

I sell my products at the markets and soon online.

I discovered the miracle of Turmeric and have been using it for years to manage my pain and boost my immune system. I wanted to bring delicious nutrients that build strong bodies to people on their healing journeys towards optimal health.

Having seen how a simple natural solution can make a real difference in how people feel inside and out, I continue to research and work with other natural remedies, like Hemp.

By blending ancient wisdom with modern science, I can help people achieve their individual optimum health and peak performance. Let's live in a world of wellness.

Range of Products

  • Turmeric

  • Hemp

  • Tea

  • Supplements

Learn more about my range of healthy solutions:

Read why Hemp is good for you


If you know of anyone suffering from an inflammatory disease such as arthritis, gout, reflux or heartburn, any digestive issues or skin problems, please contact me on 0406 036 845 or email Some products from the AC Healthy Solutions range are also beneficial for dogs and horses.

Join MBF

I'm also an MBF Secretary and I am proud to serve the community of small businesses through MBF. MBF is always friendly and welcoming and it is a great platform to support and enhance any small business owner's skills through their excellent range of talks and training. I would recommend it to anyone running a small business.

Contact details

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Alison Carroll

AC Healthy Solutions

m/ 0406 036 845


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