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Desley Polmear - Author, Artist, Speaker and Numerologist

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✦ Wauchope's very own local renowned author is inspiring others on their own writing journeys

Desley Polmear is a local author residing in Wauchope who has become a best-selling author after completing a murder mystery trilogy. The trilogy starts with Unlocked Secrets, followed by Just Before Midnight and it concludes with Payback.

Since writing the trilogy, Desley has published two more novels - Shattered and Fractured Souls.

Desley is also passionate about painting. She brings to life exuberance and fun to her craft. Desley is doing acrylics on large canvases alongside watercolours. She is an enthusiastic loose painter, whether it is voluptuous petals or large strokes creating our Australian mountains, bush scenes or oceans. Her aim is to spread the joy around, perhaps giving people a memory, something which reminds the viewer of another time, another place.

Connect with Desley Polmear

Desley Polmear Creative

+61 475 244 028


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