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MBF President's Update November 2020

Keep Moving Forward

2nd October 2020 MBF Meeting

We had our first face to face meeting on 2nd October 2020 at Port Panthers after 8 long months of pandemic restrictions. It was also my first meeting standing in as President for MBF. The MBF Committee was really efficient in pulling the event together and ensuring we were COVID safe.

COVID has pushed MBF to adopt technology quickly and also get creative. Event check-ins and feedback were done online and we even had our lucky draw by spinning an online wheel!

So thank you to our very hard-working MBF committee who found ways to make things work.

We had several informative and inspiring speakers that day:

  • Marissa Clift from Council provided a snapshot of Small Business Month.

  • Kylie Short from MagnifyUp presented passion and profit. Her presentation inspired other members to stop procrastinating and move their businesses forward, turning their passion into profit.

  • Rod Bucton of Sports Adventure did an interactive on physical health and got us moving. We were shocked to learn that a typical Australian breakfast actually has 21 spoonfuls of sugar!

  • Linda Mitten of Smooth Sailing Counselling helped us understand our values and how we can make decisions based on them. There's an app that helps you sort out your values!

Despite COVID and no face-to-face events, we had several new members come on board. So welcome to MBF!

MBF Meeting on 2nd October 2020. Thank you Stuart Lyall Photography.
MBF Meeting on 2nd October 2020. Thank you Stuart Lyall Photography.

Fresh Boost for Business Professionals to Adapt and Prosper

Talking about values, I shared the directions of MBF, its goals, purpose, and values. I strongly believe we are headed in the right direction as we continue to refine and improve how we deliver our services to the business community.

MBF has mapped out an integrated programme of educational forums in a 2021 Events Calendar, to be staged amid its renowned friendly setting where professional business owners meet, network and learn new skills to adapt and thrive.

We help business owners learn new marketing technologies, improve money management to be financially astute and focus on being physically and mentally healthy – particularly important for solo business owners.

MBF has a deserved reputation for being a friendly business network, where members can be themselves - it is like being home with friends or family - collaborating and supporting each other to grow their businesses.

MBF New Logo

In tandem with the programme, a colourful new MBF logo has been launched to portray MBF’s positive, forward-looking philosophy – yellow symbolising friendliness, blue for trust and professionalism, and red for courage.

Business owners in Port Macquarie-Hastings District are being actively supported to lay the foundations of new prosperity with a network of educational forums set up by the Micro Business Forum (MBF), under the banner of this striking new logo symbolising its mission.

The new logo was created in collaboration with MBF member Karina Gamack of Glow Graphic Design, who worked with the Committee to fashion their thoughts about what MBF stands for into an eye-catching visual format.

MBF Members' Profile Go Online

An MBF profile is a great way for members to let people know who they are, what they stand for, and what they are interested in. Members´ profiles will be their personal and business storyboard where people can find them and learn about their products and services.

I conducted a training on 21st October to onboard MBF Members to build their own profiles. The training is posted here.

Closing the year 2020 with two events

  • November's Coffee Connect is on Thursday 12 November from 10 am at Drury Lane Eatery.

  • MBF Christmas Meeting is on Friday 4 December from 9 am at the Hastings District Flying Club. This event is limited to only 31 participants.

Keep moving forward,

President, Micro Business Forum


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