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MBF President's Update November 2020

Keep Moving Forward

2nd October 2020 MBF Meeting

We had our first face to face meeting on 2nd October 2020 at Port Panthers after 8 long months of pandemic restrictions. It was also my first meeting standing in as President for MBF. The MBF Committee was really efficient in pulling the event together and ensuring we were COVID safe.

COVID has pushed MBF to adopt technology quickly and also get creative. Event check-ins and feedback were done online and we even had our lucky draw by spinning an online wheel!

So thank you to our very hard-working MBF committee who found ways to make things work.

We had several informative and inspiring speakers that day:

  • Marissa Clift from Council provided a snapshot of Small Business Month.

  • Kylie Short from MagnifyUp presented passion and profit. Her presentation inspired other members to stop procrastinating and move their businesses forward, turning their passion into profit.

  • Rod Bucton of