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Time To Renew Your Membership

The Annual Membership Fee Is Now Due.

The MBF is a very supportive & interactive forum, where you can:

  • Address immediate issues and concerns relating to your business

  • Team up with alliance partners

  • Provide and receive referrals

  • Access professional development targeted specifically for home and micro sized businesses

  • Find support and advice from businesses owners with similar challenges

  • Access industry experts and specialists.

  • Have fun at the friendliest network in town!

So, don’t delay, renew your membership today.

If you have any questions concerning your Membership Fee, please contact our Treasurer – Glenda

Hamilton – on 0428 858 292 or on

Please note the following meeting dates for 2016:

  • Friday 5th February 2016

  • Friday 1s April 2016 (AGM)

  • Friday 3th June 2016

  • Friday 5th August 2016

  • Friday 14th October 2016

  • Friday 2nd December 2016

Looking forward to liaising with you in 2016

Glenda Hamilton


Microbusiness Forum

0428 858 292


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