Networking Tips

At our recent meeting, our interactive session task was to discuss and share networking ideas and to distil these ideas into three main tips. Clearly, the most common thread was in building relationships, closely followed by offering quality referrals and testimonials.

Group 1:

• Building relationships

• Giving referrals

• Offer solutions

Group 2:

• Passionate rather than pitching

• Relationship building

o Connections for yourselves and others

• Actively listening and engaging

Group 3:

• Genuine relationships/connections

• Referral – integrity/value of referral

• Quality over quantity

Group 4:

• Join local networks

o You know people, people know you!

• Build relationships, business will follow

o Respect, confidence, trust

• Competition is positive, plenty of work to go around; engage with others in your industry in a positive manner

Group 5:

• Smile

• Compliment (affirm)

• Share

Group 6:

• Supporting other businesses o Referrals/testimonials

o Join network groups o Business cards

• Online

o Reputation o Testimonials

o Relationships

• Donations/community

o [Goes to] character

Great Networkers Give Without Expectations – Robyn Henderson (

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