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Updated: Apr 23

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MBF Member Profile, Alison Carroll, Tumerix
Alison Carroll, Tumerix

Hello, I'm Alison Carroll, the TurmeriX lady.

Contact details

m/ 0406 036 845


About Alison Carroll

I'm a health nut and a strong believer of Turmeric, a medically proven excellent natural anti-inflammatory that works on your whole body.

You can see me at the markets selling Turmerix. I carry the entire range of the TurmeriX products.

I'm also an MBF Membership Secretary so if you have any membership enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

About TurmeriX

Turmerix is a range of high quality Australian turmeric products registered by the TGA. It's fast acting soluble turmeric powder, blended with other herbs and spices into a balanced consumable powder. the blend includes ✓ True cinnamon ✓ Coconut powder ✓ Black pepper ✓ Fennel ✓ Vanilla ✓ Aniseed

✓ Caraway ✓ Ginger ✓ Clove ✓ Cardamon, and more!

Range of Products

  • TurmeriX Powder

  • TurmeriX Capsules

  • TmX Factor Plant Protein

  • TmX Soap

  • TmX Factor Hand Cream

  • TmX Factor Dark Chocolate Cranberry Energy Bar

  • TmX Factor Chai


If you know of anyone suffering from an inflammatory disease such as arthritis, gout, reflux or heartburn, any digestive issues or skin problems, please contact me on 0406 036 845. TurmeriX is also great on dogs and horses.

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MBF is always friendly and welcoming, plus an excellent range of talks and training. I would recommend it to anyone running a small business.

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