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Carolyn Williams, Author of Children's Books

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The Adventures of Dora, the Runaway Greyhound

When Dora escapes from her cage and runs away from a miserable life, she is found by Kate and her family. Kate falls in love with Dora and together with her brother Jackson, they plan a top secret mission for rescue Dora's sister and brothers.

This is the first of 6 books for 7-11 year olds - all about greyhounds but with a twist.

These books are all fund raisers for Friends of the Hounds rescue organisation.

About Carolyn Williams

Carolyn Williams author of The Adventures of Dora the Runaway Greyhound, Children's book
Carolyn Williams

With a career in Nursing, Midwifery and Health Management its not surprising that since retirement Carolyn has thrown herself into other caring roles - namely dog rescue and now specifically Greyhound Rescue.

As a member of Friends of the Hounds, Carolyn is involved in fundraising, as a foster carer and also helping to settle adopted greyhounds into their new homes and families.

Carolyn wants to get children to see greyhounds through the lens of love. The story of Dora is one way for her to do this. Despite what we may think given greyhound racing, the true nature of greyhounds is that they are gentle, noble and graceful, adapting well to home life. And they don't need much exercise!

In her spare time Carolyn likes to restore old furniture which she then sells as another fundraiser for the Friends of the Hounds.

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Carolyn Williams

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