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MBF Meeting 29 November 2019

How to build Amazing Holiday Marketing Campaigns

Putting her MBF's Vice-President hat on, Veronica Lind shared MBF's 2020 events. The MBF's committee is so well organised!

Then putting her Marketing hat on, Veronica Lind, co-founder of Vermilion Pinstripes discussed the steps to building Amazing Holiday Marketing Campaigns. To help small business owners plan for 2020, she is offering a free 2020 calendar to help them keep track and plot their year's plans in advance.

Below are the key steps that you should take note of when planning and executing your holiday marketing campaigns.

After that we went shopping.

MBF Members set up Christmas stalls and we get a chance to browse, sample and purchase products.


To view all our photos for this MBF Meeting, click here.


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