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Speed Networking

What a fun evening at the first of the Micro Business Forum's night meetings. Thanks to our MC Barb Smith of the Roving Trainer and Mark Wilson The Leadlight Guy for keeping us on time so that we finished at 7.30.

Great to see new faces and also long-time member Mitch McKay who was able to attend because the meeting was in the evening. Mitch leads the Port Macquarie Heritage Tours

Kathryn Murphy of KGM Consulting Pty Limited leads one of the newest businesses in Port Macquarie.

Kathryn's passion is HR - helping businesses get the best people and the policy and procedures to support the business and the team members. This is a major risk area for businesses. I've just been working with a couple of clients on their insurance renewals. Insurance providers are asking for a lot more information about employment practices. More details about Kathryn's experience are on her Linked In Profile

David Storok of Prestige Electrical & Data Services is one of our newest members and has a wealth of experience


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