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Back to Business Post COVID-19

The unexpected pluses

Well hasn’t this been a crazy ride? Bushfires affecting the country and hitting our region and then a world-stopping pandemic with only a moment to catch our breath in between. If your business is still chugging along, you should be proud. If you’re struggling, don’t give up.

One of the advantages of running a microbusiness in regional Australia is that the community wants your businesses to grow. If microbusinesses fail, we all suffer.

The unexpected pluses for businesses during COVID-19
The unexpected pluses for businesses during COVID-19

Support for local businesses surged during self-isolation. Within Port Macquarie, a website promoting local restaurants went up in record time so customers could see who was trading and who was delivering. Facebook groups supporting businesses had active discussions and calls for help.

But how are members of Micro Business Forum community faring?

To dig deeper into the impact the past six months have had on our members, we spoke with three MBF members who shared how t