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Edgard Lopez

MBF Member Profile

About Edgard Lopez

Hello, I’m Edgard Lopez and this is my portfolio.

  1. Ruff n Roll Pty Ltd - Director of a reputable family dog breeding business where we breed high quality Cavoodles and Poodles. URL:

  2. Top 5 in Australia - Creative Media Director - Providing help to businesses as an innovative video creator, with fast paced videos for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We manage online video channels for our clients and we increase their marketshare, sales and ROI.

  3. Eternity Media Productions - Director, Australia & NZ most watched Christian television program “The Incredible Journey”. A media ministry with internationally-acclaimed Historian & Archaeologist Gary Kent. Donor-funded ministry passionate about communicating the bold mission of sharing the good news of Christ. Giving biblical answers to life’s questions through television, the internet, social media, bible centre and evangelistic ministry. URL:

  4. Also Vice President of Micro Business Forum in Port Macquarie. URL:


t/ 0459 094 081

 Insta/ @ruffnrol1


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