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Liz Paine, Learning Insight, The Occasional Speaker

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Learning Insight

As they say, 'learning is a lifelong process'. Constantly upgrading our learning is key to staying on track.

Learning Insight provides high quality professional development, training and consultancy services. Liz offers an extensive variety of interactive workshops and professional development as well as online training. All the programs are designed to ensure participants enjoy quality training which is interactive, relevant, engaging and fun.

The Occasional Speaker

It's not what you say but how you say it - there's so much more that goes into giving a speech than mere content. Liz brings her experience in The Occasional Speaker to help with voice and speech makeovers (elocution), public speaking training and coaching in special occasion speech making. The Occasional Speaker helps people to improve their speech or accent to take them towards achieving their career and business goals. Those who are simply hesitant about speaking in a group, Liz is here to help as well. As the lead coach here, Liz offers private and group coaching to help clients develop a clear communication style, accent and articulation, and speech patterns that engage an audience without detracting from the message.

About Liz Paine

Liz Paine is a people development specialist with over 30 years experience in teaching and training in presentation skills, public speaking, and elocution.

Liz began her career as a speech and drama teacher. Today she applies this creative background to her training so her workshops are always full of interesting activities. Her enthusiasm for participatory style workshops, plus her ability to ensure there are always successful outcomes, make her a sought after communication consultant and speaking coach.

Contact details

m/ (040) 077-8807

p/ (040) 077-8807

a/ 45 Laguna Place, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

Learning Insight

The Occasional Speaker


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