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MBF President's Update April 2021

Port Macquarie - Hastings, a connected economy

The latest figures show that Port Macquarie - Hastings is home to 84,525 people, supports 29,368 jobs and has an annual economic output of $9.545 billion. That's pretty sizeable so I'm not surprised that the NSW Government has plans to transition Port Macquarie - Hastings into a true Regional City.

We have one of the most stunning environments in NSW, a thriving economy, engaged communities and great lifestyle options.

We see new and younger faces every time we have a Coffee Connect and I invite all new start-ups and mature small businesses join us.

Another catastrophe?

Yes, in the last President's update, I mentioned that there will be uncertainties. The reality of our present world became up-close and personal recently when Port Macquarie- Hastings was hit by severe floods that destroyed many homes and businesses. The upside of all this was the resilience and generosity shown by local communities, who stepped up to help each other in their hours of need – a truly heartwarming display of care, generosity and support in the