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Conducting your Business during COVID

It has been a crazy six months, from bushfires to a coronavirus pandemic. There were glimmers of hope that we can be back in business and then the second wave of COVID hits. We see rules from the government changing all the time. MBF and our small business members did not give up. We need to be responsive, we need to be agile and so we reacted quickly. Here's how MBF sticks to its mantra.


On 21 March, a newsletter was sent out dictating how MBF will continue to support its members, provide education and allowing them to network during isolation #ISO.

The MBF Committee went straight to work after the announcement of ISO and tabled a discussion paper on 17 April on how we can continue to support small business owners, provide education and add a new networking platform so no one would be alone to face this "new" and challenging time. Our communication channels remain open whether by email, phone, web or social media. We're proud to say that in the three months of ISO we had three committee meetings and multiple events over Zoom and attracted new members.

Staying connected plus eduction on Zoom during ISO

27 March - Stay in the Game

17 April - Committee Meeting: An Open Future Discussion

23 April - Coffee Connect via Zoom

8 May - Committee Meeting

14 May - Coffee Connect via Zoom

11 June - Coffee Connect at Sheathers on High

19 June - Committee meeting

9 July - Coffee Connect at Waters Edge

15 July - Better Instagramming

Back to Business

June 1st - the NSW Government is easing social and business restrictions. MBF and its members are back in business. We thank Jody Carey for capturing how three of our members fare during COVID-19.

June 11th - we had our first in-person coffee connect at Sheathers On High. It's wonderful to connect socially again.

June 19th - The Committee Meeting was held at HDFC.

July 9th - Another networking coffee connect was held at Waters Edge. It's great to see new faces and new businesses sprouting despite COVID.

July 15th - Better Instagramming

MBF members learned from the Queen of Instagram, Lee from My Blue Tea and uncover ways to gain followers, engage and sell to them.

July 20th - We're planning to have a face-to-face AGM but the rules changed - again. It seems we have to do our 7 August event online. We'll bring you more updates, so stay tuned!

Be Prepared and Agile so we can always be there for each other

"We're living in strange times and that requires new behaviours that allow us to adapt quickly. There are different areas that need focus or change. Not everyone is on the same level and this is where we need to support each other." - Veronica Lind

Buy from your local business first.

Whatever products or services you need, always buy local and support your MBF Member first. If you do not know who they are, check them out on our Members page or contact any of our Committee member for help.

We see several successful collaboration and that's very encouraging.

Leverage technology to be more effective.

The lack of technology can threaten the existence of a business. Use the right tools to help you be more effective and productive. Marketing and sales tools can also help you shorten your sales time. Think Mobile as more and more businesses are conducted on the phone. If you need help, contact Barbara Smith or Veronica Lind.

Sign up for 7 August online event as we bring to you how technology can help you run your business and sell to more customers during COVID.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Marketing has to be consistent and continuous. Networking is an example of marketing because you are getting your brand out there. People do not remember you if you are not seen. So keep turning up to our events, comment on our posts, contribute value and support others.

Be healthy and positive.

A positive mindset will help you ride out this challenging time. It will help you think through whether you need to pivot, retrain, repackage or remarket your business or reflect what is important in your life.

I always ask myself, "How can I be better than yesterday?"I might be learning or discovering something new; help someone; be more useful; gain a new prospect or customer; be inspired by a documentary - anything that is a little step forward that benefits me personally or business wise.

Take care of your mental and physical health. Our members like Smooth Sailing Counselling, Qi and Tonic, Complete Being Kinesiology and Sports Adventure can help you be a better you.

I hope to discuss more of the above topics in our next meeting.

If you have any questions or comments, please refer them to Veronica Lind.

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Unknown member
Oct 21, 2020

MBF offers so many opportunities for its members to connect, learn and thrive.

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