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Conducting your Business during COVID

It has been a crazy six months, from bushfires to a coronavirus pandemic. There were glimmers of hope that we can be back in business and then the second wave of COVID hits. We see rules from the government changing all the time. MBF and our small business members did not give up. We need to be responsive, we need to be agile and so we reacted quickly. Here's how MBF sticks to its mantra.


On 21 March, a newsletter was sent out dictating how MBF will continue to support its members, provide education and allowing them to network during isolation #ISO.

The MBF Committee went straight to work after the announcement of ISO and tabled a discussion paper on 17 April on how we can continue to support small business owners, provide education and add a new networking platform so no one would be alone to face this "new" and challenging time. Our communication channels remain open whether by email, phone, web or social media. We're proud to say that in the three months of ISO we had three committee meetings and multiple events over Zoom and attracted new members.

Staying connected plus eduction on Zoom during ISO

27 March - Stay in the Game