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May Day is Pay Day

MBF continues to support small business owners

Today (6 May 2020) is the 100th day when the first coronavirus case was recorded. More than three months later, schools have been closed, businesses are shuttered, hundreds of thousands have been pushed onto welfare and 96 Australians have died.

The Micro Business Forum took immediate steps to support small business owners during this challenging time. We promote our members' offers on our online channels and continued MBF meetings, coffee connects and committee meetings online.

MBF also offered business owners who want to join as new members, a trial membership of three months.

Please contact Alison Caroll, our membership secretary for details.

The biggest worry is Money.

So on May 1st, the Micro Business Forum invited four speakers to form part of a panel discussion where they addressed pressing challenges faced by small business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The four speakers were David Ross of Direction Accounting, Veronica Lind of Vermilion Pinstripes - Sales Marketing Communications, Ingrid Weissmann of TBT Australia and Barbara Smith of The Roving Trainer.

Facilitated by MBF Treasurer, Glenda Hamilton, we discussed ways you can save money, take advantage of the stimulus package, do better marketing and take care of your mental health.

You can listen to the recording of May Day is Pay Day on our YouTube channel by clicking below.


JobKeeper information available from ATO
Image source: JobKeeper information available from ATO