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MBF President's Update September 2021

How is MBF helping Micro Business Owners

We're here to support small business owners, keen to expand their business network and helping them develop personally and professionally. By participating in our events like Coffee Connects, MBF Meetings and Deeper Learnings, you will meet like minded business owners and learn heaps from subject matter experts.

However, with lockdowns, planning events was a challenge. We had lockdowns till 28th August 2021 and then a snap lockdown on 28th September 2021 for another seven days.

Events were back when lockdowns lifted after 28th August. The Micro Business Forum members were keen to return to some sense of normality as we learn to live with the Covid-19 virus. As from Saturday 11th September we expect events to resume and that includes our Coffee Connects and MBF Meetings.

Deeper Learning

The Deeper Learning Video Class was postponed from July to 15th September. We did the class on Zoom.

Steve Brbich of Silver Quinn Productions showed members How to do a Business Video. Steve does wedding and business videos in his business.

All participants took away plenty of tips about lighting, audio, video formats, story boards etc. Thank you so much Steve for sharing generously. I applaud Kim Staples from Art of Life for doing this video, introducing her Art Therapy.

MBF Meeting

MBF Members were able to meet on Friday on 8th October for our MBF Meeting and Thursday, 14th October for Coffee Connect. All members and guests are expected to conform to the current state government guidelines whilst attending MBF's events.

At the MBF Meeting, Stacey Morgan took us through some productivity tools. Anna McAfee, a professional LinkedIn Trainer came online and took us through the use of LinkedIn to reach out to new contacts and engage with them.

MBF Resources and Tools for Micro Business Owners

Resources. There's so much information out there and sometimes they get confusing. We set up a resources page where you can find information on grants, professional development, get access to mentors and access to tools for better accounting, marketing and health.

The resources cover 4 key areas, so check them all out.

  • Business recovery

  • Grow your business

    • Finance: As your business take off, it is important to get your finances right. MBF Member, Lyndall Ward from CATS4Tax has offered a complimentary eBook "Financial Accounting for Small Business".

  • Business support

  • Personal development

    • Alison Carroll, another MBF Member is on a journey of healing. She shares her cookbook, Healing with Turmeric.

Book a chat. As an MBF Member you may have questions, concerns or ideas that you want to ask or share with us, especially now with the pandemic going rampant. Our team of experts and mentors are ready to help with questions relating to business finance like claims, cashflow and tax, marketing questions like social media and blogs or technical questions like setting up Zoom or you might need a JP to certify your documents. We have a great bunch of experts! They can also refer you to other experts if the need arises. So book a complimentary chat with us.

Meet your new Membership Secretary, Chrissy Jones JP

Chrissy Jones is MBF's new Membership Secretary. If you want to learn more about MBF, contact Chrissy Jones. 

A country girl at heart and a JP (Justice of the Peace), Chrissy loves being involved with the community and that is why she puts her hands up to work with local businesses to widen their network through MBF.

Her telephone number is 0412 137 621 and email is

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Veronica Lind


Micro Business Forum


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