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MBF President's Update August 2021

President's Report at the MBF Annual General Meeting 2021

How COVID-19 has affected MBF

It has been a tough, unpredictable 20 months with the COVID-19 pandemic. Just last year, we had this AGM on Zoom and I became the first online MBF President.

Still honouring MBF’s 18-year mission to provide support, networking opportunities and education to our now 45 MBF members, a number of activities went online and we brought back face-to-face events where possible. With the social distancing of 2 or 4 sqm rule and concerns of the disease, our events became smaller. We got most of the events going, thanks to the guidance of our COVID Marshall Wendy Hee.

I recall Vicki kept reminding us to “sit down, sit down!” at previous events held at Port Panthers because we weren’t allowed to stand up at events.

I don’t wear lipstick now because whenever I remove my face mask, I look like the Joker!

Scientists say that COVID-19 will become endemic. Whatever it is, we are clear that we will be doing business in a NEVER NORMAL time. In any crisis, there are opportunities, so those who want to stay in business will find clever ways to grow.

At MBF, the new committee will bring perhaps a hybrid of services and find a balance between the online and physical world to serve the business community.

Well, we had already started ...

Going online for Effective Operations and Minimising “COVID Touch”

  • Zoom events

  • Minimal paper printouts; we have a google cloud filing system with single point of updates

  • Online membership application

  • Online event registration; payments and auto invoicing

  • Online lucky draw

  • Online event feedback

I want to thank the committee for being brave and embracing the many technology changes.

Helping MBF Members Grow

  • We made a deeper, seriously more professional impression with the other business networks and I want to thank Glenda Hamilton our Vice-President for frequently attending the early morning business hub meetings.

  • Events calendar planned for the year with topics that enable collaboration amongst members.

  • I had a radio interview with ABC talking about the importance of the MBF network for businesses with less than 5 employees.

  • We’ve sent out 3 press releases in the last year updating the media on what we have been up to.

  • We were featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine.

  • We started a new member’s long profile that is SEO rich. I was curious to find out whose profile was the most searched and read. It only shows that you are most found if you have an interesting long profile and I encourage members to send us their profiles for insertion.

  • We had 809 searches and views for our members

  • In order of most views

  • David Peake