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MBF President's Update August 2021

President's Report at the MBF Annual General Meeting 2021

How COVID-19 has affected MBF

It has been a tough, unpredictable 20 months with the COVID-19 pandemic. Just last year, we had this AGM on Zoom and I became the first online MBF President.

Still honouring MBF’s 18-year mission to provide support, networking opportunities and education to our now 45 MBF members, a number of activities went online and we brought back face-to-face events where possible. With the social distancing of 2 or 4 sqm rule and concerns of the disease, our events became smaller. We got most of the events going, thanks to the guidance of our COVID Marshall Wendy Hee.

I recall Vicki kept reminding us to “sit down, sit down!” at previous events held at Port Panthers because we weren’t allowed to stand up at events.

I don’t wear lipstick now because whenever I remove my face mask, I look like the Joker!

Scientists say that COVID-19 will become endemic. Whatever it is, we are clear that we will be doing business in a NEVER NORMAL time. In any crisis, there are opportunities, so those who want to stay in business will find clever ways to grow.

At MBF, the new committee will bring perhaps a hybrid of services and find a balance between the online and physical world to serve the business community.

Well, we had already started ...

Going online for Effective Operations and Minimising “COVID Touch”

  • Zoom events

  • Minimal paper printouts; we have a google cloud filing system with single point of updates

  • Online membership application

  • Online event registration; payments and auto invoicing

  • Online lucky draw

  • Online event feedback

I want to thank the committee for being brave and embracing the many technology changes.

Helping MBF Members Grow

  • We made a deeper, seriously more professional impression with the other business networks and I want to thank Glenda Hamilton our Vice-President for frequently attending the early morning business hub meetings.

  • Events calendar planned for the year with topics that enable collaboration amongst members.

  • I had a radio interview with ABC talking about the importance of the MBF network for businesses with less than 5 employees.

  • We’ve sent out 3 press releases in the last year updating the media on what we have been up to.

  • We were featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine.

  • We started a new member’s long profile that is SEO rich. I was curious to find out whose profile was the most searched and read. It only shows that you are most found if you have an interesting long profile and I encourage members to send us their profiles for insertion.

New Logo

We want to thank Karina Gamack who designed the new MBF logo. The logo shows MBF’s forward-looking, positive philosophy vividly portrayed by the bright colour scheme of the new logo – with yellow symbolising friendliness, blue for professionalism and trust, and red for courage.

We took the opportunity to define our purpose and values.

MBF believes in making a positive impact to small businesses in Port Macquarie-Hastings region by having the COURAGE to TAKE ACTION and helping small businesses grow.

MBF Members and Committee are guided by these values:

  • Have ownership and accountability to those actions

  • Having FUN doing it

  • Being Trustworthy

  • Being Caring

  • Being On Time

  • Acknowledging Efforts of everyone


As if COVID was not enough, we had the floods too. It’s getting more difficult to implement “lessons learned” strategies in businesses because what’s happening to us is new and affecting us at lightning speed. Our committee is learning as we go and figuring it out as we go - but in a strategic fashion so that our agility can benefit the business community.

The world is tough, but we have demonstrated that we’re tougher and I want to thank MBF Members who stuck by us and attend our events regularly. I also want to thank each of the MBF committee members for believing in their purpose and having their hands on deck.

Let me introduce the outgoing committee members.

Veronica Lind (President)

Glenda Hamilton (Vice President)

Glenda Hamilton (Acting Treasurer)

Kylie Short (Treasurer – until Feb 2021)

John Clarke (Treasurer since June 2021)

I want to specially thank …

  • Glenda Hamilton, our Vice-President and Public Officer, even though retired, has always picked up the slack and held the fort.

  • Kylie Short who was our Treasurer for a short while and now John Clarke.

  • Wendy Hee, COVID Marshall, part time Secretary, Speaker’s Host ...

  • Barbara Smith for her warmth and guidance. Not forgetting Laurie, her husband who delivered power cords to us which we have missed out at an event.

  • Alison Carroll our membership secretary.

  • Lyn Richardson, Lee and Vicki for social media, events management and sparkling ideas.

Today we all step down from our roles. The new MBF Committee will figure the balance needed to be relevant to small businesses in the Never Normal world.

Please continue to tell everyone about the good work MBF does for Micro Business Owners.

Good luck everyone and be a relevant business.

Veronica Lind

President, MBF

MBF New Committee 2021 - 2022

Liz Paine who chaired the AGM announced the new MBF Committee. They are:

Veronica Lind (President)

Glenda Hamilton (Vice President)

John Clarke (Treasurer)

Alison Carroll (Secretary)

Chrissy Jones (Membership Secretary)

Sophie Kubowicz

As usual we have our keynote speaker and interactive after AGM.

Public Speaking

It's so good to have Liz Paine from The Occasional Speaker making her presence at MBF Meetings again. Liz shared the important ingredients that you can use to make a good speech, whether you use it at a formal setting like doing a presentation or informal setting like introducing yourself, your product and services.

How to use Google My Business effectively for your business

Veronica Lind from Vermilion Pinstripes showed participants how to:

  • optimise your Google My Business account so that they can be on page 1 of Google

  • update your business information

  • add post to promote your brand, products or services

  • add a separate website with Google My Business

  • share and manage reviews

  • add important call to action

  • understand your online insights

Need help with Google? Make an appointment with Veronica.


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