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MBF President's Update August 2021

President's Report at the MBF Annual General Meeting 2021

How COVID-19 has affected MBF

It has been a tough, unpredictable 20 months with the COVID-19 pandemic. Just last year, we had this AGM on Zoom and I became the first online MBF President.

Still honouring MBF’s 18-year mission to provide support, networking opportunities and education to our now 45 MBF members, a number of activities went online and we brought back face-to-face events where possible. With the social distancing of 2 or 4 sqm rule and concerns of the disease, our events became smaller. We got most of the events going, thanks to the guidance of our COVID Marshall Wendy Hee.

I recall Vicki kept reminding us to “sit down, sit down!” at previous events held at Port Panthers because we weren’t allowed to stand up at events.

I don’t wear lipstick now because whenever I remove my face mask, I look like the Joker!