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Micro Business Forum announces new committee and upcoming events to support businesses

Micro Business Forum has announced their new committee members elected at their recent Annual General Meeting on 16th August 2023.

New Committee Members

Seven nominations for positions on the committee were announced and accepted by consensus. They are as follows:

President Veronica Lind

Vice President Edgard Lopez

Treasurer Chrissy Jones JP

Secretary Alison Carroll

Additionally, Judith Jackson was also nominated and accepted as a Committee Member.

Glenda Hamilton, former Vice President thanked John Clarke for his time as President for the previous term.

The Micro Business Forum 2023-2024 committee

MBF 2023-2024 committee. From left: Alison Carroll, Secretary; Veronica Lind, President; Glenda Hamilton; Edgard Lopez, Vice-President; Judith Jackson; Lyn Richardson; Chrissy Jones, Treasurer (Absent: Barbara Smith)

MBF is the place for small businesses to grow together

Micro Business Forum supports small businesses by providing networking opportunities and fostering collaborative partnerships. This is a place where each member’s personal and professional development is constantly growing.

"Members enhance their technological skills, as it is key to driving efficiency, productivity and enabling scalable marketing, sales and operations. Small business owners learn to be more savvy with their marketing strategies to grow their business. Members share their experience and expertise in sales, on how to sell more and create a sustainable financial environment where businesses learn to be more profitable. Running a business is a challenge, and business owners come together at Micro Business Forum to support each other and be role models of good health, physically and mentally for their businesses to really thrive." - Veronica Lind, President

MBF developments

Micro Business Forum continues to enhance their offers and services by taking on board initiatives that have been suggested by members. One being the change in their meetings from 3 hours bimonthly on a Friday morning to a shorter 2-hour monthly meeting on Wednesdays.

By opening up surveys to members, Micro Business Forum is in a strong position to keep going forward and expand their membership. They continue to support many new businesses that have been starting up in the community. Through their wide range of events, Coffee Connects, partnerships with Chambers and local councils, Micro Business Forum is looking forward to a promising 2023/2024.

How to Use AI for Marketing

After the latest AGM, President Veronica Lind gave a presentation on “How to Use AI for Marketing”. It provided insights into the world of Artificial Intelligence and how small businesses can use it for sales and marketing automation, email and chat automation, linking a business’ sales, marketing and operations processes. The presentation also looked into the potential of ChatGPT to help businesses position against competition, and how emotions have a role to play as well even in AI. Businesses can harness the power of AI to help boost their SEO, quality of content writing and even personalise their web pages.

Attendees walked away with a clearer understanding of AI, and how to optimise it with a human touch.

Upcoming events

Remember to register for these upcoming events from Micro Business Forum.

Details of Coffee Connect:

Thursday, 14th September 2023, 10am

The Bonny Hills Garden Centre

MBF Coffee Connect Thursday, 14th September 2023 at Bonny Hills Garden Centre
Details of Business Resilience Forum:

Wednesday, 20th September 2023, 5:30 - 7:30pm

Speakers from The Propagation Station. Shaun Thornton and David Shorter will be sharing their remarkable journey of Business Resilience and how community partnerships can help.

Business Resilience Forum by Micro Business Forum, Speaker Propagation Station


About Micro Business Forum

The Micro Business Forum or MBF supports small business owners like you. We are a professional and the friendliest business network in town. We pride ourselves on providing education, networking and support to both start-ups and established micro and small business owners so that they can learn, grow and succeed in their businesses.


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