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MBF President's Update December 2021

We have learnt to live with COVID-19

We have seen many shifts in the last two years and dealt with the madness of COVID-19. The MBF committee is constantly looking forward, we accept that the world will be in a never normal, one that will always be in flux and we need to keep navigating it with new ideas and strategies.

It's been fantastic working with MBF members, business networks, Council, community and our committee members in 2021. We are truly grateful for your support. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy holiday season. We want to put 2021 behind us and look forward to working together again in 2022.

MBF Members who have pivoted during COVID-19

Some business owners are faced with challenges in securing inventory and have created new products to complement existing range. Take for example, Lee Heng from My Blue Tea who has introduced "Spice Pantry" to complement her staple product lines.

Liz Paine of Learning Insight has brought her courses online. These are self-help courses which you can just pay and learn.

Veronica Lind of